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Ordnance survey digital maps, os explorer and landranger maps. Four platforms at no extra cost omn apps are available on four platforms. As well as selling paper map products, ordnance survey ireland also licenses the use of its data in digital format for a wide range of computer based applications such as computer aided design cad and geographic information systems gis. Gb overview maps digital map for gis free download. Every time you buy a brand new os explorer or os landranger map, we give you access to the digital version of that map for your mobile smartphone. In this section we are using the ordnance survey ireland discovery series map number 56 which covers parts of wicklow, dublin and kildare.

These additional datasets include maps from the geoinformation group and the xyz digital map co. If you call for the fire service or an ambulance, more often than not it is os data that is used to find you. View a walkthrough showing subscribers how they can claim their free 12month access to ordnance surveys digital online mapping platform, os maps. As my wife does a lot of walkingrambling she wants to get some ordnance survey maps but as she needs quite a few and they are not cheap we wondered if. Ordnance survey os is great britains national mapping agency. We also provide highly detailed 1m contours, freehold boundaries and building heights in cad format. The mapfinder app will remain for customers to use and access their purchased map tiles but unfortunately will no longer be updated with new features and content. Tracklogs maps include genuine ordnance survey digital data and are visually identical to the paper explorer and landranger maps.

Also, apple maps results were shown in the search feature spotlight in os x yosemite. Os mapfinder our original app for ios, android and kindle is still the only way to make oneoff purchases of digital maps that work. Alex roddie tests an interesting new highend gps from the ordnance survey a capable device but not without its quirks. Using gbs most detailed leisure mapping, os maps lets you plan adventures, discover new places, and record, share and follow routes. Does anyone know how to get ordnance survey getamap to work with. Jun 24, 2019 offline ordnance survey maps of great britain along with gps functionality. Aerial imagery dating back to 1995 is also available through mapgenie.

You can import our walkingworld gpx files into the mac, pc and iphoneipad. More accurate and detailed than other online map services available, ordnance survey details every nook and cranny, and their incredible digital maps are a musthave for any keen rambler or explorer. Load and view the data on your computer or within a wider it network. Even better, we bring you the best digital map prices in great britain, with great savings of 30% and more if compared to our competition. At the same time the uneven quality of the english and scottish maps was being improved by engravers under benjamin baker. Store maps on your phone and navigate without phone signal.

Launched at a time when more and more walkers and backpackers are using their smartphones as part of the navigational toolkit, you might be forgiven for wondering how an expensive additional device like this fits in. Step 1 download and install the memorymap mac software. Free ordnance survey maps memorymap digital ordnance. Download for free get standard, greenspace and aerial mapping of great britain all for free if youve purchased an os explorer or landranger map, use the app to. Our mapping and data is ideally placed to support any project from a residential planning application to the valuation of a commercial plot. An advanced 3d flythrough feature is included to truly bring the maps to life. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround of orders. Routebuddy digital map software topo maps iphone and ipad. Each file is supplied in a tiff format with an accompanying world file. Quos ordnance survey mapping is the least expensive of all the digital. Ideal for walking, running, mountain biking and horse riding. Ordnance survey maps os explorer, landranger, active.

Ordnance survey explorer and landranger maps, and some harvey maps, are now available in digital form. However, through frustration alone you may have found that not all digital ordnance survey map interfaces are compatible with apple mac and you have to. Routebuddy topo maps and software offer the easiest way to plan and navigate your hiking routes for the great outdoors. Non subscribed os maps users can access basic ordnance survey maps for free and can print maps and directions at home. Uk digital maps at the lowest prices quo works with all the professional ordnance survey, ordnance survey ireland, ordnance survey north ireland and slovenian maps. Are these still available or can i revert to the old bing maps which i was using last week. Discover maps for all of gb, discover local walking, running and cycling routes or create and share your own. To determine the grid reference for the map you require use the county indexes available in the maps reading room or go to the geta map service on the the ordnance survey website. Does anyone know how to get ordnance survey getamap to work with lion. Tracklogs digital mapping free version download for pc. Suirbheireacht ordanais eireann is the national mapping agency of ireland. It carries out the official surveying of gb, providing the most accurate and uptodate geographic data, relied on by government. Our maps are guaranteed planning application compliant. Our simplest map is free to use for commercial, educational and personal purposes.

The services and products on offer from ordnance survey are beyond belief. Process the data to visualise your information and make informed decisions. Available in a variety of formats, they cover building blocks, roads, public rights of ways and much more. Ordnance survey digital data raster and vector format. Ordnance survey digital maps, os explorer and landranger. Other digital map publications will be added on an ongoing basis. Popular digital mapping options include os maps in dwg and dxf formats such as os mastermap. Use in your web browser to view and print maps, plot routes and view aerial 3d, then switch to the mobile app to follow routes, check your location, find nearby places or track your adventures.

Free maps to colour in pdf downloads from ordnance survey. Supply of previous editions of osi maps specific years please note that requests for specific previous editions of ordnance survey ireland maps are only available on request. Fugawi uk digital maps offers a seamless view using the highly detailed ordnance survey landranger or explorer maps. It is the successor to the former ordnance survey of ireland. Comparing os digital products ordnance survey shop. Os maps online and app mapping system ordnance survey. Os maps offers free basic ordnance survey mapping with the option to add explorer and. The detailed representation of the countryside makes it particularly helpful if you want to analyse the environment. With routebuddy pro on your windows or mac os x computer you have advanced planning tools over any other map software be it offline or online. This is the app you need for downloading a digital.

Introduction to ordnance survey maps national library of. Gb road atlas 250k routebuddy solo for ios free download. Digital versions of some of osis historic maps are available as mapgenie services. This app also allows customers to download a digital ve. Thats instant access to 607 maps to view, print, or download to your phone all included in your subscription. Routebuddy solo is the simple and easy way to get ordnance survey maps onto your iphone, developed by routebuddy the leading digital map. Ordnance survey maps in uk i appear to inadvertently switched to a new version of bing maps which i have been using for years since multimap and can no longer find the ordnance survey maps.

Ordnance survey and other map data cambridge university. In 2017, the viewer was upgraded by the developers, thinkwhere, to allow other datasets to be viewed in addition to the original ordnance survey datasets. Their maps, while not best suited for long distance navigation are invaluable for outdoor activities, due to the level of detail and landmarks available. Mapserve is an os partner and is used daily by 100s of architects, surveyors and other land and property professionals. Apple maps or simply maps is a web mapping service developed by apple inc. Os maps is the all new, featurerich map app from ordnance survey. Store your data and the mapping data under your agreement. There are scanned raster maps which are digital versions of ordnance surveys paper maps as well as vector maps at a range of scales including os mastermap the most detailed large scale mapping. When there is a gas leak or a burst water main, utility companies are planning their response with mapping from us. Mapgenie users can access osi 1st edition six inch maps. Local studies also has small scale ordnance survey maps of the sheffield area.

With wgs84 maps you can use place satellite maps over your topo maps and see more trails. Its not available on other map ranges or for custom made maps. These maps for colouring in are available as a free pdf download to print at home or use on a digital device app such as procreate or photoshop. Prime2 is ordnance survey irelands osi central database of spatial information. Subscriber access to ordnance surveys online digital. Ordnance survey digital maps of the united kingdom, 1998 to the present maps. Promap is the fastest, easiest and most reliable system for instant ordnance survey mapping.

We deliver value to every aspect of the property industry by providing fast and convenient access to ordnance survey mapping, aerial photography and digital data. Ordnance surveys mapping data is relied on by every one of us. The discovery series maps cover the whole country at a scale of 1. The zooming in on maps means its so much easier to view each level of detail without changing layers. So sharpen your pencils, find your colouring pens and. Take a memorymap test drive and try ordnance survey landranger 1. There are many standard maps out there showing abbreviated details and internet sites showing how to get to them so the modern transport network is not needed here.

The legal deposit library modern map viewer gives public access to annual snapshots of os digital mapping. Routebuddy digital map software topo maps windows and mac. New from the ordnance survey, the os maps app for both apple ios and android is a see navigation aid that allows you to view the digital versions of os explorer map sheets which are include in the newly launched 1. Outdoor map navigator apps are available on android, pc, ios and macos allowing you to use the maps you purchase or subscribe to along with your routes on multiple phones, tablets and computers. This is a brilliant and easy to use pc atlas with included gps and pda software. Before working with ordnance survey os digital mapping products consider how you will. Os maps online and app mapping system ordnance survey shop. Each centimetre on the map represents 500m or half a kilometre on the ground. Simple to use and feature rich, its invaluable for enjoying the outdoors. Introduction to ordnance survey maps early ordnance survey oneinch mapping in scotland. The ultimate personalised map to create a unique adventure.

Get standard, greenspace and aerial mapping of great britain all for free. Our test drive is the best way to try our software and see how digital ordnance survey smart maps can turn your mobile or tablet into an outdoor gps and make navigation safer, easier and. You could use os maps to plan a long weekend exploring a national park with a map print and the route on your gps device, or you could use the database of. Since 1997 ordnance survey has supplied the legal deposit libraries with digital mapping, namely landline and then ordnance survey mastermap data. Gps devices, maps and accessories for walking, running and cycling. Routebuddy digital map software topo maps iphone and. At the bottom of this page you will find links to downloadable maps you can print at home. The maps for great britain cover 1998 onwards, and those for northern ireland cover 2006 onwards. Take a puzzle journey around britain from your own home puzzle books by ordnance survey and dr gareth moore 17 oct 2019. Use worldrenowned ordnance survey mapping with unlimited use of every os explorer and os landranger map for the whole of great britain.

You can find a location by entering a postcode or a road name, then display information about the area, for example the route of a public footpath. We are an authorised ordnance survey mapping and data centre supplying os digital data direct to architects, surveyors, gis users, councils, graphic designers, planning agents as well as the public. For the latest and most up to date app from ordnance survey search for os maps. Roman britain historical map os ordnance survey on. Ordnance survey is belatedly embracing the digital age with an app to accompany its paper products. Reply i have this question too i have this question too. A new kind of map for discovering the best of the british outdoors. Get os maps in both browser and app, each full of fantastic features and a complete, digital map of great britain. By the time colby retired in 1846, the production of sixinch maps of ireland was complete. Every map we produce uses high quality, up to date mapping. Routebuddy also gives you the power to freely swap your licenses between pc and mac should you at any time choose to switch computers. View, print and plan with mapping on your computer, phone or tablet.

Whether youre walking, cycling, or enjoying family time, os maps puts great britains most detailed leisure mapping at your fingertips. In the united kingdom, we have very detailed mapping available via the governmentrun ordnance survey. Fugawi uk digital maps free version download for pc. The processing and supply of these maps can take up to 10 working days. Highly detailed map showing rights of way, footpaths, bridleways, landscape features and places of interest.

Openstreetmap ordnance survey opendata street view. Digimap ordnance survey collection contains maps at scales ranging from 1. All our plans are correctly licensed, scaled correctly, and carry the north arrow required for your planning application. Multiple file data transfer fully compatible with mac or pc. There are also a number of websites which offer map extracts online. The old os maps app was so much better than the new one. Surveyed between 1829 and 1842, these maps represent the first ever largescale survey of an entire country. The interactive map enables you to view ordnance survey and az maps of surrey and view locational information overlaid on the map. What is the closest us equivalent to uk ordnance survey maps.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items. Launched in 2015, it has all the normal details youd expect to find in a spatial database like buildings, field boundaries, roads, etc. Os maps is the new, simpletouse but featurerich map app you can trust from ordnance survey. Ordnance survey digital data raster and vector format for. If youve purchased an os explorer or landranger map, use the app to download a digital version using the unique code on. This app also allows customers to download a digital version of their paper map, and view and subscribe to see all of the gb ordnance survey maps. Plan, navigate, analyse and print routes on your windows pc. This gives us a lot of detail over a relatively small. Ordnance survey uk digital maps 1998 maps collections. This allows you to use os maps as a complete tool for outdoor adventure. View and print maps flexibily to suit the needs of your walk. Os maps online subscriptionbased mapping that works on any web. If youve purchased an os explorer or landranger map, use the app to download a digital version using the unique code on the inside of your map.

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